Client Legal Utilty Engine

Millions of cases scraped from Maryland Judiciary Case Search and other websites allow unprecedented analytics. Check out some of the examples below.

The CLUE project was created by the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service.

While we try to insure data integrity there are caveats to the data. Please contact MVLS before relying on any statistics....

Download anonymized CLUE data by clicking here

Criminal Cases

Conviction By Race

Race Breakdown By Conviction

See the race break down for different convictions by zipcode and year.

4.4 Million

Over 4.4 million District Court cases have been parsed into the database. Every county except Anne Arundel.Ranging from the mid 1980's until the end of 2016.

52 Variables

The District Court criminal database contains 52 different variables to search by. Filing date, Officer ID, Comments in the Event History, and more.


The Circuit Court database contains cases from 3 counties. Baltimore City, Montgomery, and Prince George's County with a combined 700,000 cases.

Connect Both

Connect the District Court and Circuit Court database and search by tracking number to find missing District/Circuit cases.

Civil Cases

Amount Sought By Plaintiff By Year

How much a particular plaintiff sought in judgments in a particular year.

We add a wild card at the end of the plaintiff name, so if you are looking for "BIG BOYZ BAIL BONDS INC" as a plaintiff try putting in just "Big Boyz" that way you can get all the muliple spellings. If you are looking for a person it must be "Lastname, Firstname".

Total Cases: 40

Total Amount in Judgments: 40

Amount Sought by Plaintiff

1.3 Million

More 1.3 million District Court cases have been parsed into the database. We currently have from 2010-2017. Note we have counties up until they became MDEC counties.

Daily Scraping

Civil District and Circuit court cases are scraped daily and active cases are updated so no case should ever be more than 2 weeks old.


The Circuit Court Civil database contains almost 500,000 cases from all counties except MDEC counties, Montgomery County, and Prince George's County.


This is the total amount of judgments from all cases in both District and Circuit Courts that are in our database.

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